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1: Cox Communications Files Appeal Against Billion Dollar Copyright Ruling

First off today, Chris Cooke at Complete Music Update reports that Cox has filed a formal appeal of the 2019 ruling that says the internet service provider owes one billion in damages to BMG for its lack of a proper system for handling repeat infringers on its network.

Since the ruling Cox has been working to ether get the jury verdict overturned or, at the very least, get damages reduced. However, it’s failed at every turn and is now appealing the case to the Fourth Circuit.

According to that appeal, the case against them is part of the music industry’s attack on the internet itself and that the consequences of leaving the jury verdict intact would be devastating. BMG nor the Fourth Circuit has responded to the appeal in any way.

2: Twitch Warns Streamers Another Wave of Copyright Strikes is Coming

Next up today, Jay Peters at The Verge reports that Twitch has warned its streamers that they have received a new “batch” of takedown notices and that if streamers have any potentially infringing videos on demand (VODs) that they should remove them now.

These types of waves first became an issue for Twitch in May of last year when various music companies sent the first such batch of these notices. There was another in August and, in both cases, Twitch was heavily criticized for both its policies in this area for the lackluster tools it provides for handling such notices.

However, Twitch apologized for those issues in November and released new tools in March to help streamers manage old content as well as a new product called SoundTrack, which gives streamers rights-cleared music tracks for their streams.

3: British Anti-Piracy Website Adds Disney+ Content

Finally today, Erik Gruenwedel at Media Play News reports that FindAnyFilm.com has announced a partnership with Disney and will enable users to locate any content found on Disney+ as well as other Disney platforms.

The UK website is operated by the Industry Trust for IP Awareness and aims to help UK viewers legally access movies and TV shows. It is the only official such search tool for the UK market and the addition of Disney+ helps expand its usefulness.

Other partners in the service including movie theaters, physical retailers, Amazon, Apple, Google and live TV partners.

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